When it comes to celebrating the life of a loved one or dear friend there are so many different ways to do so. After all, keeping the memory of someone alive means different things to different people. Culture, background, and religious beliefs all play an important role in deciding how you mourn & remember someone. That being said, one of the best ways to help someone’s memory live on is by planting a memorial tree! Whether you choose the tree based on its best season to bloom and your loved ones’ birthday. Or if the tree you plant happened to be their favorite, it’s a personal choice that reflects how you want to remember them! Of course, there are certain factors to consider when decided on your tree of choice.

Certified arborists & professional tree care company, All About Trees, provided some pointers on some of the best trees to plant as a memorial tree. Space where the tree will be planted as well as climate & other such conditions should always be taken into account when starting your tree planting endeavor. It is also always great to work with a reputable tree care company to ensure that your tree is planted safely & properly.

Best Memorial Trees To Plant

Red Maple

This is a highly resilient tree that showcases its beauty 365 dazed per year. It can grow & thrive in a variety of soils and climate conditions and is the national tree of Canada. Its versatility in landscape needs makes it a great tree option.

White Oak

Also known as “The King Of Trees” this tree is native to Eastern & Central North America. It can live for centuries and grows to be quite large, with sweeping branches and large limbs. It is best to plant this tree in a space where it can flourish with enough room.

White Birch

This tree has European origins and is often referred to as a Silver Birch. It is a great tree to incorporate into your landscape & blooms with a display of brilliant Fall colors. This impressive tree also has unique bark and actually helps to improve the soil that it’s planted in.

Bottlebrush Tree

Part of the Myrtle family, this a small yet distinctive tree. It is long-living and blooms in the springtime. The bottle-like red flowers that emerge give it its name while the tree is also very resilient & can thrive in a variety of landscapes & conditions.

Norway Spruce

This tree is part of the evergreen family and might be more recognized as your Christmas tree! In fact, it is the most popular Christmas tree choice throughout the world. It has small blunt-tipped needle-like branches and is very fast-growing. And although it is associated with the winter months it is able to thrive in a variety of conditions.

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