In this guide, I am going to provide you with certain tools, and it will also provide you with a guide, a checklist and a customisable template for a virtual memorial for a loved one.

Social distancing is definitely making it into the hard to honour and also celebrate the lives of a loved one who has recently passed. The coronavirus pandemic has successfully ruined the lives of millions of individuals in the world. The virus is also dangerously mutating, and all of us need to be vigilant. The vaccine is our only hope at regaining our usual routines. Just because the virus is out there, doesn’t mean we have to stop living our lives. Human connection is already something that is very precious and also something that we have lost, this year.

The virus should not stop us from honouring our loved ones who have passed on. That is why I feel that a virtual memorial service is one of the best methods of celebrating their lives.


This guide will actually help you plan a very unique and a virtual memorial service for the ones who deserved to be remembered. If you or someone you know has lost friends or family members during the coronavirus pandemic, virtual and online memorial services can be created for you to honour the ones who have passed on. You will be able to talk to the ones who are interested in joining the memorial service. There will be a pastor who will be providing a sermon as well. Memorial services are not usually done on the internet. They are done with the help of a church, father, a coffin, family members and friends. I can be adopted because we are not allowed to be around people. The memorial service requires the presence of a physical body or even the ashes of the individual who has passed on. But since this is not possible anymore, what is your memorial services are held to help the loved ones grieve. A pandemic is definitely a time where we need to be with our loved ones, and personal service will get you one step closer to that.

Firstly, you need to plan a checklist. Then you need to begin the grieving process. The grieving process is something that is very crucial, and that is why you will require the support of your people. You should design and plan the memorial service. You should also decide on being the host if you are a close relative or a close friend of the expired person. You need to let people know about the memorial service via email or text message. You should also link them to the memorial service and let them know when it will open and close.

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